Just like every other business we have a set of rules based on which we operate and we consider this the backbone and success route of our business since creation as listed below and we recommend every customer to go through before placing your order


We are an online and on site CBD related products marketer who only sell to persons from and above 18 years of age. However, we do not restrict the use of our products by persons below this age limit but purchase must be made by a parent or guardian, We do not need any form of licensing or doctors authorization in order to sell or serve you as we consider this a natural health treatment course so you can freely order via phone, email or directly on our website and we will ship to the address provided on the checkout page.

Discrete Mailing

With the growing pressure from some governments today on related products, we have decided to also ship out all products discretely and all packages are vacuum sealed to make them airtight and with our added top industry packaging techniques which for security reasons we can’t display here, we are able to make it through the toughest sorting facilities and also we provide tracking number for all packages

Global Mailing

With the growing number of customers from all over the world and the internet today making the world close and smaller, we are contributing by being able to ship internationally across boundaries. We therefore ship to all states within USA here and also globally and see boundaries as no barriers

Moneyback & Refund Policy

We know you worry about where you put your money into and ask yourself questions like ” What if this doesn’t end well ” we want you to stop worrying as we have put in place a perfect money back and refund system which works for you. If our product doesn’t get to you on time, doesn’t meet your espectation or for some reason you changed your mind then just return it within 2-5 days in the same pack and we will cover the full refund excluding shipping fees

Customer Service

We consider our relation ship with you the backbone of this business and take it to heart. We therefore have created multiple channels through which you can get to us at any given time. We are reachable instantly via Live Chat, email and phone and we will be there for you. We also offer pre-sales and after sales support and provide a hand book for all first time customers who order above $500 as user manual for particular health issues

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