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What is CBD Hemp Biomass?

Hemp biomass refers to the stalk and bud of the CBD hemp plant. This non-food plant matter which includes hemp residue and woody biomass, is distinct from hemp flower.

Lignocellulosic biomass can describe any number of plant-based matters, but our CBD hemp biomass is pure hemp matter. No fillers. No B.S.

CBD hemp biomass is driving the bio-economy, particularly in the case of CBD bud biomass which can consist of as much as 85% dried CBD-rich, low-THC hemp flower.

A common misconception is that hemp biomass is little more than a fancy name for the waste left behind after production of CBD hemp plants. This is a misconception we hope to correct in this guide.

Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Biomass

CBD hemp biomass is an renewable source of energy that is 100% organic and fully sustainable. For this reason hemp biomass is a viable alternative to traditional fuels. It can be converted into bio-gas or a liquid bio-fuel.

The conversion of hemp biomass produces a carbon nanomaterial which can be used to make high-powered batteries and similar gadgets.

Hemp biomass can be implemented in a variety of applications, most notably in the production of clothing and plastic alternatives. In the past, hemp biomass has been utilized to make textiles and all-natural camping equipment.

High grade, certified CBD-rich hemp biomass is the kind which can be used to produce CBD products such as salves, oils and extracts including concentrates with terpenes and full spectrum concentrates.

What Makes Us The Right Choice for CBD Hemp Biomass?

With Industrial Hemp Farms you only get the very best hemp biomass. Our stalk and bud CBD hemp biomass is pesticide-free and contains absolutely no additives. We pride ourselves on our fastidious business protocol which includes the following:

  • Green technology
  • Organic farming practices
  • Laboratory testing
  • Internet-based monitoring
  • Proper certification
  • 100% organic hemp products

Our customers get to choose their delivery date and contact us at any time. Each of our clients receives top notch care and attention from one of our dedicated representatives. You will always feel like you’re in good hands…because you are.

We only take the gloves off when we’re shaking your hand and getting to know you. By that, I mean that our staff always wear masks and gloves when handling our industrial hemp. This ensures that no contamination occurs at any stage of the growth or harvesting process.

Hemp Biomass Price

There are a number of sites with hemp biomass for sale, but not all of them are worth your time or money. Some wholesale hemp biomass options are simply not viable for the average independent proprietor or consumer.

Hemp biomass buyers need to understand where their CBD hemp biomass is coming from, how it was produced and what constitutes fair marketing pricing.

Many websites maintain online stores with overpriced CBD hemp products. They establish these prices based on their perception of consumer demand rather than investing in R & D to determine who their consumers are and what their precise needs may be.

At IHF LLC we are intent on knowing what you want, how we can help and what it will take for your needs to be met. When you’re happy we’re happy and that’s how everybody wins.

Buy Bulk Shucked High-CBD Hemp Biomass Direct

If there’s one thing our customers need to be aware of it’s the growing number of third party brokers who price gouge when it comes to CBD hemp products. These bad actors are unnecessary middle men

who stand between you and the farms that grow industrial hemp.

Here at Industrial Hemp Farms we cut out the middle man and enable you to buy directly from the source which gives you an edge over your competition. You’ll always know where our cultivars come from, how they were genetically selected, what they contain and why we can afford to offer them at an affordable rate.

We feel that it is incumbent upon the hemp facilities to adapt an ethical, transparent business model in order to preserve the future of our blossoming industry. We’re all in this together and we’re not gonna prosper if our customers don’t also prosper.

To that end we have streamlined operations and carefully outfitted our facilities with green technology and sustainable applications in order to drive down overhead and make low prices achievable.


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